Who Was Stephen Hawking?
Stephen Hawking was a renowned British physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. His groundbreaking work inclu... Ler mais

St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th in many countries, including Brazil. Several pubs and bars serve green beer and people can listen to Irish music all night long while wearing green clothe... Ler mais

Review - The Babysitter (2017)
The Babysitter is an original Netflix horror movie released on October 13th 2017 (which was a Friday). The main characters are: Cole (Judah Lewis), an awkward teenage boy who suffers bullying and whos... Ler mais

Halloween - The spookiest time of the year!
Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, is celebrated all over the world, each country with its own traditions. Let's take a look at the history and origin of Halloween and some traditions!The name... Ler mais

Mother! - Film (2017)
Have you watched the movie Mother! yet? If you haven't, take a look here to decide whether you should watch it or not! If you have, take a look at the reviews and see which ones you agree with!Mother!... Ler mais

Have you ever wondered why one of the symbols of Halloween is a carved pumpkin, aka a Jack-o'-lantern? We talked about that on our Halloween post! If you haven't read it yet, you should click here! On... Ler mais

How I Cope With Netflix Addiction
After catching myself watching How I Met Your Mother for the 9th time (yes, I'm addicted to HIMYM...), my husband asked me why I like rewatching TV shows so much. To be honest, I don't even know how m... Ler mais

13 Reasons Why I don't Have Cable TV Anymore
Well, my husband and I decided to move to a new apartment last year and we ended up discussing our bills. Here is the dialog we had while packing our things: - Honey, when was the last time you used t... Ler mais

Read the news article from BBC and answer the questions that follow:Brazil yellow fever: WHO warns travellers to Sao Paulo17 January 2018The Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, the country's most populous, ... Ler mais

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 80th anniversary
Eighty years ago, the first full-length animated film created by Walt Disney Productions was released. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered on December 21st 1937 and was a huge success!It was a g... Ler mais

So this is ChristmasAnd what have you doneAnother year overAnd a new one just begunAnd so this is ChristmasI hope you have funThe near and the dear oneThe old and the young*Let's see some of the words... Ler mais

After All Dinner
On Friday, September 22nd, we had our dinner and it was fantastic! We invited students and friends to join us at Zeffiro, a restaurant on Frei Caneca that serves not only Italian food but also some ot... Ler mais

I could say I love cats, but I have to face the truth: I'm a crazy cat lady! If you plan on having a cat and joining the club, here are some tips for you:Prepare your house Before adopting the cat, it... Ler mais

Phew! That was close!
I was sixteen when I finally had the chance to visit Disneyland. It was a dream come true! I went to Disney, MGM, Universal, Busch Gardens and Sea World (which I deeply regret). After visiting the par... Ler mais

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
How about baking some cookies on the holiday? Take a look at the recipe!Ingredients½ cup + 1 tbsp. flour ¼ tsp. baking soda¼ tsp. salt¼ cup unsalted butter¼ cup brown sugar2 tbsp. sugar1 egg yolk½ tsp... Ler mais

Stop calling my phone!
My closest friends know how I hate getting phone calls1. There is WhatsApp, there is SMS, there is Facebook Messenger, there is Instagram, there is SnapChat; there is even that stupid old thing they u... Ler mais

The Only Child Who Had A Brother
At about 10 years ago, I decided it was time to leave my parents' house. After all, I was 24 and was ready to endure all the adventures grown-ups face while juggling with endless bills. I must confess... Ler mais

Sexual harassment: Victims, speak up!
In the past few years, cases of sexual harassment being denounced increased in Brazil. However, since the country is in the midst of an economic crisis in which unemployment rates soared, the amount o... Ler mais

Sports: Brazil gets one more medal in 2017
Gone are the years when Brazil was only good at soccer, and soccer was all everyone only cared for. It's an honor to write a piece of news about another sport that seems to have been flourishing over ... Ler mais

TV in Brazil: 21% of programming is religious, says Ancine
Tired of Netflix? Brazilian Free-to-air (FTA) channels might be the alternative you've been looking for!On August 23rd, 2017, Ancine published a report showing that religious programs represent 21% of... Ler mais

"How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World"
Read an extract of an article named "How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World, According to People Who Have Done It":"Psssst — hey, you. Yeah, you. The one discreetly clicking on this article at work... Ler mais

"Things Americans Don't Realize Are Weird"
Buzzfeed has recently posted a list of "23 Things Americans Don't Realize Are Weird". Take a look at them:1. Air conditioning everywhere, pumped up to the max.2. All the commercial breaks on TV.3. The... Ler mais